I have the following:

1 HandyGPS Pro with the antenna and Rand McNally Deluxe
StreetFinder s/w (New)

1 Memplug with 64 Meg Smart Media card

1 Eyemodule 2

1 Graphite Minijam with 64Mb x 2 MMc

1 Targus Stowaway for Prism

1 Thinmodem+ (New)

1 Fellowes Glidepoint keyboard for Visor (new, no box)

1 Handspring Travel Charger

1 Handspring Folio Module Case (Holds Prism & Stowaway)

1 Innopak 2V (New)

1 Innogear Emergency Charger

1 Leather Prism Slim Case

1 Prism in Pristene Condition w/ extended warranty

1 USB cradle

I have all of the boxes, documentation and s/w. If you're interested please email me at acecafe@yahoo.com. Anything that doesn't sell will be listed on EBay.

Thank you