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    Just got back from the Sprint store in WestTown Pa, $150 New with $100 mail in rebate. They are running the special all weekend. (Dec 4th to Dec 6th).

    I was lucky enough to be there with the regional manager who got my activation fee waved as well.

    Best Deal ever. Oh yeah, and pixi = free.
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    So why is this in Marketplace?
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    From the forum description:

    Users buy, sell, and trade their products. Also post specials you have found here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poppeye View Post
    From the forum description:
    Well, can't argue with that. Apologies.

    BTW, I called my local Corporate store and asked if they were doing the $50 special this weekend also. She knew nothing about it.
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    I just paid $79. at Best Buy with instant rebate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billy from philly View Post
    I just paid $79. at Best Buy with instant rebate.
    By "just" you mean over the Thanksgiving holiday? I was in BB earlier today and the signage said $99.

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