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    Pixi must be LNIB and in like condition. Screen protector has been on mine since I got it.. 2 weeks old, got a BNIB replacement from Sprint and then got a Hero.

    I have pictures here somewhere, I'll find them and post them up.

    I'm located in Albuquerque, and we would ship using USPS next day or 2nd day air with tracking info and signature.

    I have 12+ positive trader feedback on my SprintUsers account, and 2 on ebay from when I purchased two items for my dad for his birthday.


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    Picture updated.. Any takers? I would like a Touch Pro 2 as well (for sprint of course)
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    Oh yeah, Phone is unlocked to work on T-Mobile or at&t.
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    Come on all. I really want a Touch Pro 2 for Sprint.
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    Declined offer. Phone is still availabe
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    I am interested in this device. Willing to sell out right? If so let me know. Priced right will send payment ASAP.
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    I messaged you on AIM, reply back when you get a moment. Thanks
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    Still available. Looking for Touch pro 2 or Pixi still. come on guys, PLEEEASE!!

    I could even throw in a small $10 gift card for best buy if need be. idk how else to make this more worth it.
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    Are you only interested in a Pixi? I have a Pre that I would trade for the Tour.
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    Yeah. I saw the Pre at a Sprint store as the demo, holy smokes, almost did a 360 oreo on it. a kind refresh of why I don't want a Pre.
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    Updated photo's

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    Mod's, please close this thread. Traded for a Pixi

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