Upgraded to a Pre, have my old smartphone for sale.

- Sprint branded Palm Treo Pro, like new condition with all original accessories (AC charger, USB cable, battery, original box), plus
- spare Mugen brand battery (retails for $20-30),
- a Phantom Skin (Invisible Shied-like high quality skin) that has a lifetime replacement warranty ($20 or so retail), and
- a license key for WinMoWifiRouter which turns the phone into a wifi access point (or BT or USB) ($30 retail).

Also, the phone is "unlocked" for unofficial firmware upgrades (not for use on other networks) and is currently running WinMo 6.5 (normally ships with 6.1). I can/will flash it back to the original 6.1 ROM image if you want, which might make it easier to get help from Sprint to provision the handset with your number, etc. I really liked WinMo 6.5 on the device, though.

Lastly, the skin IS getting a bit worn but is still serviceable for protection. A couple of the small pieces are starting to peel a little and there is some "scuffing" along the face. I suppose that's why you use skins! As mentioned, you can have it replaced for a couple bucks shipping, however.

Asking $175 + actual shipping (probably around $5 or 10 depending how fast you want it and where you are located) for everything.

Additionally, I have a pink Katana DLX is also available if anyone wants it for some reason. It is obviously used, but in working condition (screens are good, buttons all work, etc). Has a "makeup mirror" adhered to the back. Make offer! I will pay for shipping if you buy both phones.

Pictures forthcoming, had some trouble finding my camera's battery charger, but it's ready now.