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    I have a a Seidio Innocase that I do not need anymore. It fits the pre perfectly, offers a small degree of protection, and provides a grippy surface around the phone. I had a problem with an edge of the case sometimes hitting the power button when it was in my pocket so I've trimmed and sanded that edge a bit. You can't tell it's been modified unless you compare it side-by-side to a stock innocase (and why would you do that?). Since it's not new and has been modified (even though the mod makes it better...) I don't expect a lot of $ for it. If you want, I'll throw in one of the black USB-microUSB connectors that comes with the pre so that you can leave a cable at your office or in your car.

    Anyway, I have no need for these things so make me an offer. I would consider a partial trade for a like-new pair of the stock pre earbuds (with functional mic) or possibly other accessories that would work with HTC's Hero.

    Thanks or lookin'
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    i have some never used pre ear buds just need some time ro find them will post pic tommrow
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