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    SOLD a like new in box Palm Pre. The phone is a couple months old and has had a Phantom Skin on it from day one. The phone is sturdy, no oreo effect. It comes with...

    - Touchstone with backdoor (original door included, unused)
    - Extra Seidio 1350mAh battery
    - Seidio extra battery charger
    - 2 palm OEM data cables
    - Palm Leather side pouch with pull tab
    - Palm cloth pouch
    - Palm OEM headphones
    - Sprint Car charger
    - 2 Extra unused Phantom Skin total body skins
    - Palm OEM wall charger
    - original box, paper work, and packaging

    SOLD shipped for everything, Payment via USPS postal money order or Face to Face cash sale in the Pittsburgh PA area.

    email me at with questions or offers. Thanks

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