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    Up for sale is an Excellent Condition Sprint Treo Pro from Palm. This unit has a CLEAN ESN and comes with everything that was in the box and then some.

    The Phone Comes with the Following..

    1. Treo Pro From Sprint (With Nature Skin It) Design on it. No Scratches on the Unit and has an Imaculate Screen (Comes with everything in the box)
    2. Seidio Hard Inno Case $40 Value...This is the Hard Black One
    3. Reiko Belt Case (Use this case for your belt) Excellent Case.
    4. 2 OEM Treo Pro Batteries
    5. Seidio 3.7V 3500Mah Extended Battery With Extended Back Battery Cover
    6. OEM Palm House Charger with USB
    7. Palm External Battery Charger and Docking Station (Charge another battery while your away from home) and swap it out when you use the battery in the phone.

    email me at kg6bki(at).com

    Replace (at) with @

    Asking $200 Paypal Shipped...

    Email if you are intrested
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    In case you're not checking your pm's on here, your email address seems to be incomplete; have you sold your Treo yet?

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    If his is not available, mine is:

    VZW: 700W>700WX>Centro>Samsung Saga> now with Sprint: Touch Pro>Treo Pro>Touch Pro 2

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