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    Perfect condition, no scratches or blemishes. Has been used on and off for about a month and a half.

    What's included:
    • Palm Pre in mint condition
    • Touchstone charger
    • Touchstone back cover
    • OEM backcover
    • Palm Leather Case (it's a great case don't mind the reviews)
    • Data/charging cable
    • OEM headphones
    • OEM cloth pouch
    • Box

    Pictures provided upon request.
    Clean ESN, will be provided prior to transaction being completed.
    Paypal only!
    NOT interested in any trade of any type please don't waste your time or mine.
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    Coming down to $240 shipped.
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    Bump! Price down to $220 shipped.
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    pmed regarding further details
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    pm sent
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    I've replied to both PMs. Sorry for any delay.
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    payment sent
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    I am is sold and will be shipped to novablade! Please close thread!

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