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    I am looking to trade my Palm IIIc with a Stowaway keyboard and extra serial sync cable for a Visor Neo. My Palm IIIc is in good condition and has everything with it, but I want the Visor Neo for the 64MB MiniJam that I bought when I had a Visor Deluxe.
    If you're interested and want color and the ability to type long messages while away from the desk, this combination worked for me for many, many months without any disappointment.
    Let's trade!
    Tony Lucero
    aim: DontTouchMeLiar
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    How about for a Visor Edge, Total Recall Voice Recorder Module, and a 32 MB CF. Along with $60 cash, shipped, for your IIIc and keyboard.

    A visor neo alone is only worth $180 or less. Edge is worth $200, plus $100 voice recorder, and maybe around $15 for the 32 MB CF. The Edge is used for a month with a Brando Screen Protector and the 32 MB CF, so brings down value, though its still worth more than Neo. The Total Recall Module is brand new in the box. I got a defective one, so I returned it, this new one should be no problem, I'm getting it on Tuesday, I won't open it if you want this trade . Letme know... Thanks!
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