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    I would gladly trade in my iPhone for a Palm Pre tomorrow if someone could tell me whether or not either of the following applications work under MotionApps' Classic emulator.

    ZX Pilot - available on PalmGear-com

    ...or hopefully 'ArmZX' available through google search.

    As I'm a noob poster, it wont let me post hyperlinks to the above apps.

    Any help much appreciated; I really want one of these babies.

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    do u want to trade with me i have a mint condition palm pre
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    Please excuse me for bumping this; it has been nearly a week!

    Has anyone tried either of these at all?

    Many thanks.

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    MOD: Why have you moved my post?

    Saying 'I would swap my iPhone for a Pre' is a figure of speech - not an offer.

    I have an iPhone coming to the end of its contract, and now want a Pre. I just want to know if either of the above apps work on it.

    This post does not belong in MarketPlace.
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    I did not move it but that title has to be in the Marketplace. If you did not mean what you posted, you should correct the opening post.

    For the answer to your quesiton, post in the Classic forum and ask them directly:

    Also, you might contact the developer to ask them directly if they support Classic.

    - Craig

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