Purchased mid to late sept, i have the original receipt somewhere.


Has had a phantom skin on it since the day i got it.

Only flaw on the front is a very small blemish resulting from a drop to the street from my lap getting out of the car. Left a TINY nick in the top left corner (not on screen). Maybe the size of .5mm mechanical pencil lead (so i guess .5mm in diameter haha), not very noticeable.

The back battery cover has the normal wear you would expect, but thats easily remedied with a touchstone back.

Hardware Issues

OREO: Very slight oreo, which from understand seems to be normal. None when open. When closed there is about .25mm of movement at the top of the slider and about .75mm of movement at the bottom.

Dead Pixels: One white pixel at the bottom left of the screen, one at the very left side of the screen, maybe 3/4" from the bottom that isnt very noticeable but can be seen at certain angles.

Havent noticed any backlight, creaking back, heat, keyboard, speaker or power button problems.

You can see a video here: and I can take some pics if theres any interest.