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    I am offering these cases for sale. Prices include USPS First Class shipping in the US.

    GrinderGear Expedition (, blue with belt clip. $15

    SOLD- Rhinoskin 2000 ( $15

    NewSun ( 'Satillite' pouch, $15

    BucketBoss ( PDA pouch (a bullet-proof, but somehat oversized pouch with excelletn protection and a big flap cover. Holds a Stowaway VERY tightly! $5

    SOLD- CD Projects universal PDA case, oversized enough to hold a Stowaway. $5

    Roadwired Medium Technical Pouch ( A great multi-purpose camera case design- not quite tall enough for a Stowaway, but plenty of thickness! $10

    Case@Hand Leather Slim-Fold Case (no website, no good pictures). This is a decent dark brown leathe case that uses special plastic clips, similar to the snap-on covers to hold the PDA in place. It comes with a clip for the Edge, Prism, and Deluxe-styles. On the other side are three card pockets over a large currency flap. A tuck-in tab holds it closed. Very nice, but a bit thicker than i wanted for pocket carrying! $15

    SOLD- Vaja Ostrich-skin Snap-cover case with belt clip ( Deluxe size. I have removed the plastic over the keys. $30

    Eagle Creek ( Departure Pouch II. Not designed as a PDA case, it is a great multi-purpose neck/belt/sholder/waist pouch that has several pockets- 1 big enough for a Visor in the slipcase, and another big enough for a Stowaway while the Visor is still in place- and there is room left for lots of 'pocket stuff'. $10

    I prefer PayPal, but will do checks as well.

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    I want the Rhinopak. Is it new? If not, how used?

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    Sorry, Hitman- it was sold before I saw your post. It was used, but not noticeably worn.
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!

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