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    This is a great leather flip-style case if you have a visor and visorphone. You can hot sync your visor without taking it out of the case. I am selling it because I no longer use my visorphone - the case is in excellent condition and only a few months old. E & B cases sells it for $51.95 (check out for details). I am asking $35 with priority mail shipping included. I will accept paypal or Yahoo! PayDirect.
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    I'm interested. I broke and lost the antenna off of my VisorPhone, so I'm looking to get a better carrying option (it was in the cellphone slot in my backpack before)

    Right now, I am waiting on a replacement Nokia antenna to ship, (they supposedly work with some superglue) so I would like to see if I can get that antenna working before I commit to buying your case.
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    I already sold the case, sorry!

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