has the smartmedia version of the memplug for $42.49 new, regularly $50. with shipping it comes in just under $50.

i post this because for the last two weeks i've been looking around for the best deal on one and i've found that there are so few online retailers that seem to carry them ( and they all seem to sell them for $50, even until just recently. i found this to be a good deal (on a new one; you can find a used one cheaper, but even ebay has auctions for new/still-sealed ones closing at around $50), so i figured i would pass it along.

also, has smartmedia regularly priced for the cheapest i can find: $21 for 64 MB, $43 for 128 MB ($5 shipping for either). this is for mr. flash and memtrend brands, which both have lifetime warranties.

if anybody has better deals, post a reply to this thread, but these were the best i could find. maybe this can help someone else out who is looking for a memplug and smartmedia card.