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    ErRrR! My Visor Edge hard reset AGAIN today. I loaded some CF software and PowerRUN, and I delete PowerRUN to put a newer version on. And it crashed. Soft reset didnt do it, was flashing a dot in the top left. So I HAD to hard reset. It's pissing me off having to use my Mac to do it.

    I wanna buy a backup module, any of you guys have one left over or something? Don't have too much cash, just bought a Totall Recall Voice Recorder, so if someone has one they don't need that they could sell to me for a good price, that would be great! Thanks!
    good artists copy, great artists steal. . .
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    You say "just bought." Does that mean my $ is in the mail? Just kidding. Had to bust a laugh.

    Your module is packaged up and riding around in my truck w/ me. I'll get out mosh kosh.

    I may go b/u module hunting soon, you want I should get 2 instead of 1? I think they are $12.50 at the OD clearance bin. They may all be gone but who knows?

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    Haha, yea. I'll be sending it in the mail today after school . Nice, and the stylus, right?!? hehe.

    I'm trying to find a used one for a lower price, LOL. I have one guy I made an offer to. Maybe just get another anyways? I'm sure someone would buy it off you...Thanks!
    good artists copy, great artists steal. . .
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    Yup, stylus also.

    I sent a guy $35 for a b/u mod and an 8mb Visor brand flash mod both. I'm set.

    I have better things to do than make $.38 an hour re-selling Visor stuff (well, not really). I just hate to see the modules sitting there at the OD.


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