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    I am getting a MiniJam, and curretnly have a camera that uses a SmartMedia card, my MemPlug with the Compact Flash, and now the MiniJam wiht the MMC card, and I want to simplify things a bit.

    I will sell the following items for $70, or swap them for a MemPlug SM or MMC unit:

    - "Smoke" MemPlug CF unit with current flash updates
    - 64 Meg. "Mr. Flash" Compact Flash Card
    - Your choice of the GrinderGear Expedition (in blue, with belt clip), or the RhinoSkin 2000 cases.
    - Whatever else I can find around to sweeten the pot with- CD Projects leather PDA case, StylusDirect "Anywhere" styli, RadioShack Visor screen protectors, etc.

    IF you take the above offer, I will include a PCI CF/SM USB card reader for another $10. The reader makes using these cards a lot faster and more reliable!

    (Note: I am not willing to sell parts of this or anything as my goal is to get enough money for a new MemPlug, a SM or MMC card, etc. ASAP.)

    I prefer PayPal, but can handle personal checks. The price includes shipping via USPS First Class in the US.
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    I have a MemPlug SmartMedia Adaptor. It is the original, so it has the nubs on the back and the SM Cards stick out slightly. I also have a 32MB SM Card that I got with it. I have cut the top off the card so it fits flush with the MemPlug, but it works great.

    If you are interested in trading your MemPlug for mine, let me know. I love the MemPlug but it makes no difference to me if I have SM or CF.

    Reply to this thread or shoot me an email at and let me know.
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