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    I'd like to switch to the Samsung Moment, so I'm selling my Pre. I just picked up my refurb today, it's booted once, everything works, and there is virtually NO oreo. This slider is the strongest slider of the 4 Pre's I've had, and there is no gap on the volume button side, but a very slight gap on the USB port side. The refurb date is 9-5-09. There are no scratches, physical damage, etc. Reception is perfect, like my other 3. This will come with 2 wall chargers/micro USB cables and 2 stock sleeves. The battery's cell origin is Japan, and battery life has always been good for me with this battery. I've had the battery since my 2nd Pre. I'd like to get $400 shipped(Priority mail, insured) OBO for it, so as to cover most of the cost of the Moment. I've got good feedback on ebay(elysian8934), as well as 2 forums, and on both). I've also got plenty of customers who can vouch for me on both of those forums, since I'm a guitar builder in my spare time. I accept Paypal, and would be willing to accept a money order if need be.

    I don't have pictures at this moment, but I will when I get home tonight, some nice macro mode shots and such. Thanks for reading.

    edit: I'd also trade directly for a Samsung Moment.
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    Bump for price change.

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