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    Downloaded gDial pro, logged into my Gvoice account and I completely forgot I have some invites left. 3 of them to be exact. First three to post here will receive the invites. I'll pm you to get your emails. Have a great day ladies and gents.
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    yes please :-)
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    Yes please !!
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    Yes please! Thank you!
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    coolbeans sending you guys/gals pms now
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    u can just go to and request one. i didnt have to be invited, google sent one to me. just click on the link on the page
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    still needed to get rid of the invites

    Sent you all the invites, hope you enjoy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ny88RiCaN View Post
    still needed to get rid of the invites

    Sent you all the invites, hope you enjoy!
    i understand lol but i wanted to make sure people knew that it wasnt just for certain people. we are NOT special! haha
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    I have 2 invites available also...
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    May I have one please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Affirmed View Post
    May I have one please?
    PM me your email address
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    any more invites left? =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mykdee View Post
    any more invites left? =) me your email address
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    i would like to have an invite please send me one memfus_boi @
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    if there is any more out there

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    I would also like one
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    If anyone could spare one, then id sure appreciate it but if not then thanks for lookin at this.

    Have a good evenin
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    I see 4 posts with email addresses and I don't know if someone has sent you the invite. PM me and I will send it to you
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    Same here. I have 3. PM your email if interested.
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    PM me your email and I can invite some people... I still have 10 invites left... Oh yeah!
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