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    I heard about those Office Depot Specials, but can't convince my mom to take me down there and I can't drive yet. Could someone on VC head down to an Office Depot and pick up a TotalRecall Voice Recorder Module for me? I'd pay you extra, for your trouble and shipping. It should cost $24.99, if it doesn't, then don't buy it. I'd really appreciate it, having a digital voice recorder would be awesome, I hate having to manage tapes. Thanks!

    - Nelson
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    Mail me tomorrow at my work [/email] or to my reg home acct [email] (I check it sometimes throughout the workday) to remind me and I'll swing by one tomorrow. There is an OD on my way home from work that should have one or two.

    I know they have a couple of b/u modules if anyone is interested. I think they are $12.5

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    Cool, I'll be in AP Comp Sci at 10:15, is that good? Thanks! I figure, the module cost $25 plus tax. I'll pay you $35 shipped?

    Can you check out if they have any styli? Been looking for some, maybe they have some at a good price...thanks again!
    good artists copy, great artists steal. . .
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    $35 works, maybe I can Jew oops, I mean "negotiate" them down (sorry if that's found insensetive to anyone) some and I'll pass the savings along. You want I should get some styli? You want them only if they are clearance or you want them unconditional or what?
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    Hehe, the cheaper the better . Yea, I'm a little short on cash right now, only if they're really cheap...thanks! I'll talk to you tomorrow....drop you an email
    good artists copy, great artists steal. . .
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    Here's a little hint mdatl: acknowledging that something is insensitive doesn't make it any more okay to say. Your comment was highly inappropriate abd uncalled for.
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    I did more than "acknowledge," I even apologized.

    Okay, I take it back. I wish I never heard of it. Let's act like the the phrase has never been used. I'm going to go early vote now. Probably will go Democrat, drive my Saab to the poll, eat some bagels and listen to some Yanni. I'm KIDDING here. Le'ts not start a flame. Really -- IT'S A JOKE. Oh no, my e-mail addresses are out here just waving in the wind.

    Anyone want a Total Voice Recorder while I'm at it.

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    Apologizing doesn't make it any better. If you know something is wrong, you shouldn't do it. Neither acknowledgement, nor apology is a get out of jail free card.

    There was nothing flame like about my post. I was quite calm and still am.

    Using the word jew in that context is a slur and not an acceptable use of the word. Period. It was never a nice thing to say and has been gererally considered an anti-semitic use of the word for about 30 years.

    You can pretend that I am being hyper-sensitive or politically correct if that is what you need to do to make yourself feel better, but that doesn't make any less of a slur.
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    I have to agree with Suncor, the use of the word Jew in that context is clearly anti-semetic. The fact that then statement was intended as a joke makes no difference.

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    Hey Guys,
    Lets not get all over him now. I mean, he's the only guy that even volunteered to help me. And I'll say, it was a remark that should not have been said, but everyone makes mistakes. And everyone *thinks* in their mind of bad things that we shouldn't do, and sometimes they slip. Don't tell me none of you guys DON'T ever think about doing something or saying something you shouldn't. Sometimes it just slips, and we learn from that. Let's try and encourage each other, and not make it worst We can do that by respecting each other. Sorry if I sound like a mom, but that's just what I think...
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    madtl do you goto school with azn compnerd? saw that you posted info about classes. if so i'd be interested in getting a vioice recorder
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    LeaDxPainT, nope. No classes w/ him. OD near me has two voice recorders left.

    AzNCoMpUtAnErD, I have your voice recorder. $26.80 total, probably be $5 maybe $7 tops to ship. I'll send some mail tonight as I have some errands to run now and won't be settled until later.

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    Originally posted by LeaDxPainT
    madtl do you goto school with azn compnerd? saw that you posted info about classes. if so i'd be interested in getting a vioice recorder
    Nope, I was just saying I could get him an email off in 3rd period during AP Comp Sci. Got a 4 on Final...still want that 5 on the AP Exam...better start studying...
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