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    I've got two SERO 500 accounts which include 500 anytime minutes, unlimited data, SMS, MMS, 7pm nights&weekends, and Sprint to Sprint calling that I would like to sell a transfer of liability for.

    They are under contract until 6/2010 at which point they get a $150 equipment credit plus rebates, etc. They qualify for a $75 credit right now.

    Asking $80 for each line, or $150 for both.

    I've never done a TOL before, but having read about it over at SprintUsers and HowardForums, the process is simple. I will arrange a three way call between you, Sprint, and me. They will ask us for Sprint account numbers and move the accounts over after verifying your credit eligibility. And then it's done. I would like to do the call during the business day, M-F as I hear the reps tend to be a little better during that shift.

    Also have a mint condition Treo Pro for sale. It is like new, covered by a (slightly worn) Phantom Skin which has a lifetime warranty, includes all the original parts (box, cable, charger), plus a spare Mugen battery (normally about $30), and a license for WinMoWifiRouter to turn the phone into a portable wifi access point ($30 value). It is currently running WinMo 6.5, I can leave that on or restore 6.1 if you like. Personally, having used 6.5 I would never go back to 6.1.

    Asking $175 for the phone plus $5 for USPS Priority shipping, buy it with one or more of the SERO lines and I will discount to $150.

    Lastly, there's a used but working pink Katana DLX that could be sold if you need a phone. Buy it with a line for $25 extra. Has the original AC charger plus a generic car charger. Also has a little makeup mirror adhered to the back (it's a girl thing, apparently).


    NOTE: I know I am new around here, so I would be happy to put up an eBay auction where I have 80+ 100% positive feedback with a fixed price if it made you more comfortable. I would ask that you pay half the eBay fees if I do this, however. You could also verify me through my eBay account by sending a message to me through eBay; my account name is "robandstuff".
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    I'll take one! Am sending you a PM right now.

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