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    Hi all.

    as they say necesity breeds invention. i need a case that works for me so i am making one. Only thing is don't want to be testing shapes and frames on my current working Visor. So i am either looking for a Visor that is dead or the shell of one.

    will pay...but am poor..

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    i have a visor casing (black) thats kind of gouged up. perfect for what you want it for. a trade perhaps? I need a replacement ice(or orange) stylus, if you bought the package and ahd some extra ones.. or you could just paypal me a couple of bucks to cover shipping. email me.

    I have a webcomic. You should read it, or I may do something rash. <b><a href=>Drive-by Loitering</a></b> is updated every monday, wednesday and friday.

    <!img src= alt="Soundsgood is too elite for the punks."><img src= ><!img src= alt="Soundsgood is too elite for the punks.">
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    Thorin pls email to close the deal

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    Did you already sell the shell? I would be willing to take it off your hands.

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    I am still very interested in the case but i haven't heard back from thorin.

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