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    Unfortunately, my work is moving us all onto Pocket PCs, it looks like, so I am going to be selling my nearly new Prism system.

    Everything has been purchased in the last 3 months (much to my chagrin), so almost everything still has original boxes and warranty!

    Visor Prism 8mb Handheld
    Innogear Minijam 128mb (ice)
    Targus Stowaway Keyboard
    Fellowes Pocket Keyboard
    CardAccess ThinModem
    Black Vaja Case (for Visor and Minijam)
    TWO Recharge/Sync Cradles
    AC Travel Charger
    Tiger Woods Championship Golf
    Innogear Innopak 2V (ice)
    Innogear Backphone Headphones

    I paid $800+ for all of this, but I've listed it in eBay for a starting price of $600 and a buy it now of $650.

    Note: If I get enough requests/offers to break up the package so that I can sell most of it off, then I might be willing to end the eBay auction and relist the remaining items separately, after selling wanted items to VisorCentral members.

    here's the ebay link:

    thanks in advance
    everything was beautiful and nobody hurt.
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    How about $15 shipped for the ThinModem? They've been on new, for $50 minus the $30 mail-in rebate with free shipping. Though I haven't been able to get one . Thanks!
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