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    if anyone wants to get rid of their ear buds hit me up!

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    I got them... what you paying?
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    How much? I would love to have them.
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    Assuming you are on Sprint, I'd suggest you visit a Sprint store and just ask if they happen to have an "old pair" laying around somewhere in back. Often when they exchange out Pre's for people, they give them just the phone and the battery, and they may very well have extra *new* sets of earbuds that the can give out to people who are sincere and ask nicely. I've significantly damaged my USB cord, and I brought it in and asked for a replacement. I had misplaced my earbuds and when I mentioned this they gave me a new set (or earbuds) at the same time they gave me a replacment USB cable. If that doesn't work or is not practical, go ahead with your plans to work out a deal with some user here. (Hope this helps!)
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