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    Just wanna see if anyone is interested in this. I'm planning on going to Ireland on a mission trip in a few months and 128mb isn't long enough to cover the plane trip over. So I am thinking about buying a stand-alone MP3 player.

    This is the Ice Minijam player with 2 64mb Hitachic MMC cards. These cards are faster than the standard issue sandisk cards by a substantial margin. It includes a neoprene case, earbud headphones (w/case) and the USB Speedloader (which increases download speed by 250-400%).

    I'm asking $125, buyer pays shipping

    lowered price to $125
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    anyone interested? What price would be fair?
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    Do you folks think this price is too high? I'm just wondering what I might reasonably be able to sell this for. Comments anyone?
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    A little while back i sold my 128mb ice minijame for 95 shipped But that's b/c i just got a stand alone and was just looking to get some money back.
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    Got it...

    Let's try lowering the price to $125 as it comes with the Speedloader.
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    I am interested, whats your email?
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    Bots can pick up email addresses from forums so I don't want to post it. But, you can use the "email" button just below this post..

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