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    Blue Edge purchased December 18th, 2001. Wife didn't want it.
    Complete with box, software, stickers and writeright screen
    protector (1).

    Handspring Leather case for Edge (slim)
    BattPlug for Edge
    PowerPlug for Edge
    8 meg flash memory module (Handspring brand)

    Asking $200 for everything as package plus shipping. I take
    paypal using e-mail address
    For questions, use e-mail address
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    How about $150 for edge and all contents of original box (cradle, etc.) only?
    Phil Teves
    'Jesus is the Way'
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    This item has been sold.
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    Shipping for the purchaser is $6. Total is $206. I'm at work not
    home now so I don't have your e-mail address handy. I e-mail
    you tomorrow to make sure you get it.

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    The guy that wanted this has not responded to my e-mails. If he
    doesn't respond by this weekend, it's up for sale again.
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    It's for sale again! Would like to sell all as a package.
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    If you don't sell it off as a package, I'll give you $20 shipped for the 8 MB Flash. Thanks.
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    what's the status of this?
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    what's the status of this?

    The first one to send $206 to my paypal account gets it. One guy
    said he wants it, but I haven't seen the money. I'm not making
    promises to hold it for anyone anymore. I just get screwed
    waiting for payment. If you want it, show me the money!!!

    Payment can be sent to thru paypal.
    The edge is clean with screen protector on it. ALL original parts
    in original box. I am including the 8 meg memory module from
    Handspring and an EdgeBattPlug and EdgePowerPlug that I
    sell for $22.50 and $20.50 each respectively. And, I'm throwing
    in the slim leather case for the edge. Over $300 worth for only
    $206 shipped in the US!. You can't beat this deal. Someone
    buy it so I can get my wife off my back!! PLEASE!!!

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    Whole package has been sold.

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