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    Got a MemPlug stead. Please make an offer.

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    What kind is it? I offer $20.

    Wait a minute, is that backwards? Maybe it should be:

    I offer $20. What kind is it?

    Nah, let's stick w/ the first one.
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    it is a Sealed Brand New 8 Mb flash Module Click here
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    There are 2 brands, to tired to pul them from my head though.
    Don't Worry It's Human Nature To Point Out The Obvious
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    DataQuake has the light and vibrates, Hagiwire has no bells nor whistles yet the price is higher.

    I would prefer bells and whistles but for $20, what can I expect?

    Shu, what do you have to say about the $20?
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    hey, i got a used but in great condition Handspring 8MB Module im willing to sell for 20 plus 4 bucks shipping. If that sounds good email me at to work out the details.

    i also have a backup module i would get rid of for 15... or both and shipping for 40
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    What kind is it? Is there an echo in here? Maybe it's just in my head.

    It is so tempting to caps lock, just a little humor.

    I'll send some mail soon.
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    You still there Shu? I'll offer you $20 plus shipping
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