BookBag Personal Book Database Software Released

January 1, 2002 (WakefieldSoft, LLC) - Imagine shopping in your favorite bookstore, and trying to remember if you had already purchased a particular book or not. How would you like to easily verify if you had read a certain book while browsing at your public library? Now you can. WakefieldSoft, LLC has just released BookBag(tm) book database software application for the Palm OS(R). BookBag(tm) is a personal library application for Palm OS(R) handhelds. The BookBag Plus(tm) version includes a PC companion interface, while BookBag Lite(tm) is for the Palm OS(R) only. Anyone who enjoys reading can easily carry their list of books with them anywhere.

BookBag(tm) includes numerous features including importing and exporting of data in common formats, versatile printing, a comprehensive number of fields, fast and easy sorting and filtering, and customizable lists of categories, authors, ratings, formats, and status choices. Quickly determine what books are due and when, what books you have by a certain author, and what books you have in a particular category. A FREE trial version is available at http://www.wakefieldsoft.com.

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