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    I'm going to be switching over to the Sony side shortly and am looking to unload some of my Visor stuff. Its all in good, working condition (specifics under respective headings). I'm not quite sure what I'll get for these so make an offer, if you want to buy more than one item then maybe we can work out some package deal thing. I would prefer payment through PayPal, buyer sends first. Buyer pays shipping.

    Visor Prism

    SupplyNet Cable for Kyocera 2035 Cell Phone
    Connectsyour Visor through the HotSynch port to your cell phone and gives you wireless web access. Good condition.

    Stowaway Keyboard

    GoType Keyboard
    For normal Visor form factors (Won't work with the Prism or the Edge). Good condition. It came in a brown box, I think I still have it.

    Quicklink Text Scanning Pen
    Good condition, never even used it enough to replace the stock batteries. Includes the pen itself, its plastic carrying case, and the serial connector. I don't think I have the original box or documentation, I'll have to look around. Its drivers have been updated to communicate with the Visor over IR.

    Tech Center Lab's Battery Charger
    Good condition. This is the battery pack and HotSynch port adapter that Tech Center labs manufactures. It allows you ot recharge your Prism on the go with 4 AA batteries. The HotSynch connector is also detachable so that you can connect it to the charging cable that comes with the Prism's cradle.

    Fair condition, I say this because the sticker on the back is a plain sticker and thus is a little worn, but the module itself is in perfect condition. This is both a 56k modem and 8mb of additional RAM. Includes the module, the phone cord, and the dongle adapter. I have the original box.

    Handspring Backup Module
    Good condition. I have original box.

    MemPlug with 64mb SanDisk Smart Media Card

    SanDisk SmartMedia Reader
    Good condition. USB connection, handles cards up to 128mb. I'm selling because its drivers are not currently compatible with Windows XP (Be warned!). I have the original box.

    Interested people can either reply to this post or e-mail me at the address listed in my sig. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask. I can try to take pictures of the items if you request it, it might be a little difficult though since my camera uses SmartMedia.

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    Matt Nichols
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    YGM on Thinmodem+
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    Okay, just to give a little update and shamelessly bump this thread up a bit. The MemPlug has been sold and since the original post I've added two items: A Kyocera 2035 cable from SupplyNet and a GoType! keyboard.

    I wanted to give the people at Visor central an early chance, since this place was/is a great place for help and discussion. After a week, items not sold will probably be E-Bayed.

    Thanks Again ,
    Matt Nichols
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    How much for the Thinmodem+?
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    Stowaway has been sold
    Matt Nichols
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    Got my keyboard, arrived today, as advertised. Mathew Nichols is a good seller, my Stowaway was package good and shipped promptly. I highly recommend. Thanks Mat,
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    Thanks for the good words Mike!

    The Prism has been sold.
    Matt Nichols
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    How much do you want for that scanning pen? How well does it work?
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    Like everything, the pen is in perfect working order. As far as accuracy goes, its pretty good. It depends on the font you're scanning sometimes, and its size. It might be best to look around for some reviews of the pen.

    I've sent you an e-mail with a price quote, tell me if you find this acceptable or not.

    Thanks for your interest!,
    Matt Nichols
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    Hi Nichols
    Is your ThinModem+ still available?

    I'm from Singapore, and if it's available, I'm wondering how much will it take to ship over to here...


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