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    I'm looking for inoperative graphite VDX units. Workinng will do but am looking more bad units that are not cost effective (out of warranty or whatever) to repair. I prefer no exterior signs of abuse.
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    I've got one with the screen shattered all to heck that won't turn on...inoperable enough for ya? Kidding. Actually, you can have it if you would pay me back for mailing it to you...
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    Color me interested. I sent you a private message from this forum. Don't know exactly how that works but your e-mail addy is unavailable in your profile.

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    I've got a Graphite started to see all 'taps' as a tap on the left of the screen...something in the digitizer went out. I opened her up to see if I could fix it and once I gave up I ended up cutting the traces on the screens thin clear data cable. (I could send pics if you wanted).

    Anyway, the screen is otherwise perfect (always had a protector) and teh body was in an E&B Slipper, so it looks great.

    If you are interested, LMK.....I'm not expecting much but I figure it must be worth something.........
    Ryan Clayton
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