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    I'm looking to buy a fairly cheap official pre wall charger and cable. Thanks...
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    Hmm... you have to imagine the first thing that comes to mind when somebody reads that... Such as "where did your own charger and cable come from" or "somebody bought a stolen phone" or "whose phone did he steal?"

    Just being honest. Otherwise, good luck with your find. I would say just about any micro USB cables would work.
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    Ha Ha. Good point.

    Okay... First off, when I came back to look and see if I got any replies I noticed I screwed up the Title. I'm not looking for a "wall charger and a case"... I'm looking for a wall charger and a CABLE!

    Okay, secondly. No, It's not a stolen phone. I already have a wall charger and cable (the one my phone came with). Thing is, I have 2 touchstone chargers. Ideally I would like one rig that stays put on my living room coffee table next to the couch and one that stays put in my bedroom. I'm tired of always having to crawl under the bed, unplugging it from the power strip to take it back and forth. So that's the reasoning. Has nothing to do with a stolen phone. I just want a wall charger/cable in the living room hooked into my one touchstone and another wall charger/cable (that I want to purchase) hooked into my other touchstone that stays in my bedroom.

    Hope that cleared it up for everyone who thought I thieved a Palm Pre. hehe.
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    eBay is your best bet. Just bought one from this seller, for cheap. Quick shipping too.

    Palm PRE AC Wall Adapter Charger & USB Cable NEW & OEM - eBay (item 310152732734 end time Oct-30-09 07:35:28 PDT)
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