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    I have a Card Access Wristband Thinmodem Springboard Module for sale. it come with the phone cable and a plastic gameboy cartridge case. the firmware has been fully updated. it is in great condition and works wonderfully. I will take the best offer made so if you are interested in it contact me with a reasonable offer.
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    How about $20? That's what they're going for new from Staples.
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    you are wrong they sell for $50 at staples new. check out this link and see for yourself.
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    Yes, but they have a $30 mail in rebate.
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    well it does not say anything about that on the staples web site.
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    You can find about how to get them for $20 at my post:
    good artists copy, great artists steal. . .
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    So how about it? $20?
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    Hey Nelson -

    You wouldn't happen to still have the .PDF of that rebate coupon, would you? The link on PalmGear's site appears to be dead, and I'm not getting anything from the link in your earlier post.

    Much appreciated...
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    Yea, I do, I'll send it to you by email attachment, give me your email address. Do you think you could do me a favor though, like maybe in exchange? I'm not able to get my mom to buy it for me, so do you think you can buy an extra one and ship it out to me? I'll pay you $25 for shipping and all, and it would be really appreciated. But anyways, send me your email address to
    good artists copy, great artists steal. . .
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    Don't Worry It's Human Nature To Point Out The Obvious

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