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    I purchased a green flipcover from for my green Visor Deluxe. Well my Visor Deluxe is broken, and I am getting a new PDA. I am selling the flipcover for $7 shipped.
    I also have; InnoGear 2 MB flash module $10for more info click here
    USB sync cradle (ice)$10
    All prices include USPS shipping, I accept Paypal.
    if interested;
    yahoo IM at : mikithecrackhead
    AIM: p00piemyk (the 0 's are zeroes)
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    added some more stuff that I do not use anymore. Anyone interested trading a their Seiko Thumbboard for Prism for my GoType keyboard?
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    Cradle is sold.
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    So is the 2MB flash. Maybe even to me?

    Crackhead, I just finished up the paypal request. They say "3-4 business days" we'll see.

    Let me know about the buggered up VDX.

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    mdatl YGM.
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    What condition is your flipcover in? Scratches, cracks, etc.

    I'm interested!
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    The flip cover was used for a coupleof months, barely. There are no scratches nicks or cracks. I did not use it too much because I could use it with a module.

    flipcover, Cradle, 2mg innov flash all sold. Thanks to everyone. I am going with the stowaway and selling the Go Type keyboard, i'll re-post later....
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