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    I've made the switch to a Clie, so my Prism and all it's goodies are going up for sale. Prices below include shipping via USPS Priority mail. First payment via PayPal to takes each item. I'm planning to put these up on ebay next week so let me know soon if you are interested in any of them.

    Visor Stowaway keyboard - $70 Includes the original packaging, and is in excellent condition.
    Eyemodule 2 - $130 Includes the manual, software, and aluminum case. In excellent condition.
    Emergency travel charger - $12 Use 4 AA batteries to recharge your Visor through the serial port. Includes the adapter and the charger.
    Visor to Samsung cable - $25 Turns your Samsung 3500, 8500, etc. mobile phone into a mobile modem.

    SoundsGood Springboard - sold Includes all original packaging, headphones and pouch. In excellent working order. These are going for more than retail on ebay these days because they are getting hard to find.
    MemPlug CF adapter plug 64mb CF - sold Includes original MemPlug packaging. Hardware if rev. A, software is 1.66, but can be upgraded.
    Handspring Visor Prism plus extras - sold Includes all original packaging, manuals, accessories, a matching flip cover from, and a spare stylus. The Prism has very slight paint wear on the back and a flawless screen.
    Prism USB Cradle - sold
    AC Travel Charger - sold Works with a Prism or a Pro.
    Soundsgood Energy Clip - sold

    Feel free to send me an e-mail or a PM if you have any questions about any of these. Reasonable offers will be considered, although I know I can get something comparable amounts to those listed above on ebay. I will consider discounts on multiple items since shipping can be combined and you're saving me time.

    I'll be seeing everyone in the Other Handhelds forum until we can convince VisorCentral to start a Clie partner site.
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    The remaining items are now listed on ebay. Here's a link if you are interested:
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