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    HTC Touch Pro for Sprint - eBay (item 140347593396 end time Sep-28-09 20:39:18 PDT)

    the starting bid is at $50 and if you have any questions feel free to pm me here or on ebay.
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    is there a BIN price?
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    nope bids only, but it probably will come out cheaper on your end if you do win the bid
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    #4 long have you had this phone? in other words, how "used" is it?
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    I had the phone for about 6 months, but it has never been dropped and I basically babied it. It has a full body invisible shield that was installed 2 hours after I had bought the phone. In other words you wouldn't even know that the phone was used.
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    @xXxBigJonxXx, why do you keep bumping this thread?

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