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    Hi guys, I'm parting with my Pre for a different phone.

    The Pre is great conditions with NO scratches on the front of the phone and only a small area with minor scuff on the battery cover (new covers are pretty cheap or touchstone will remedy this). I applied a PhantomSkinz to the screen the same night I received it. I managed to get a smooth bubble/lint free application

    The phone also experiences a very minor oreo effect of approximately 2mm but personally it hardly bothers me at all and I've seen much worse

    The phone has a build date of 07/22/2009 and virtually software defect free with no dead pixels from what I have seen thus far.

    I have no idea what LIFECALL in ##786# means but I know for sure I haven't made many minutes worth of calls overall

    Sorry the car charger is not available anymore.

    The phone comes with the box, manual, and all accessories save for the stereo headset. I seemed to have misplaced it but any 3.5mm headset should work. Any questions please ask me, I'll try and get some pictures up and please PM me or post if you want specific pictures of the phone.

    Also this is common knowledge, but make sure you have an Everything Data plan before inquiring.

    Accepting either Google Checkout or Paypal
    Asking $280 shipped within USA

    you can check my ebay and heatware feedback under deusofhearts


    Ignore the car charger in this pic. sorry but I do not have the car charger any longer

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    will you sell the car charger by itself?
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    will you take 240 shipped?

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