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    Used since launch.. touchscreen has a couple little scratches (nothing noticeable unless you are looking)

    Comes with the box, and all original accessories and manuals.

    I know I only have one post here, but you can check my feedback at

    eBay My World - drewmz6
    High-Def Digest Forums

    Price is $265 shipped. Paypal only
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    so just a question....mainly to give insight as to if there was a problem or dislike of the Pre or if just for other reasons/personal reasons which you dont have to go into detail...just curious as I spend most my day promoting this phone to friends and coworkers.
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    I'm hoping on my girlfriends corporate discount with att to get an iphone for cheap.
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    Dang you got it worse then I thought....jumping from Pre to IPhone...poor guy I feel for you. Don't kick yourself too hard for switching...I know price is a factor but dang...I would pay double to have th Pre on Sprint over the IPhone on ATT...

    Sprint is way better then ATT, and Pre is way better then IPhone....two strikes for you!
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    Actually, the OP is correct, the iPhone with a corporate discount is cheap. My sis in law got the iPhone for under $100 and data plan of $30.

    If you like the iPhone standard features and would rather not mess with any customization, it is an attractive offer.

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