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    UPDATE: Still Available as of 12/31, will be on ebay this coming weekend

    i wanted to offer the discussion group first shot at these before i list
    them on ebay.

    2 for 1 deal... i have a targus deluxe leather wallet for the "visor" and a
    rhodiana visor case.

    targus - deluxe leather wallet for the "visor" in good condition (note pad
    has been used up), less than one year old. see specs at :

    rhodiana - "visor" black ballistic nylon case w/clip in fair condition. it
    does have the split plastic problem mentioned in previous threads but still usable. see
    specs at :

    $15.00 plus shipping for both. interested parties can reply to this post or
    email me.

    I am selling them because i have a vaja case on the way, profession looks of
    the targus and the functionality of the rhodiana.
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    i'm interested. i'm in canada and have paypal. email



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