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    upgrading to treo? sell me your visor, phone module and accessories. will pay top price for a well-maintained visor with the extras i'm looking for.
    my ideal package would include:

    visor prism (would also consider visor pro)
    visorphone (or Sprint PCS phone module)
    case (fits visor and phone module)
    serial cradle
    travel charger

    and some or all of the following would be an added bonus:

    MP3 player
    smartmedia or compactflash memory module
    digital voice recorder

    would consider buying some accessories/modules individually for the right price, but would prefer a package deal
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    I have a lot of what you are looking for. I don't know much about paypal or any of that stuff. maybe we could reach some agreement. See my for sale post this section.
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    I may be selling my phone. I'll know in a week--depends on Treo availability in Canada.

    I have only had the VP about a month (you can seem my posts on VC about when I was trying to buy one) and I bought it new.

    I'd probably want close to the retail price (probably around $90)--however, I'd include the $25 case that fits the phone and the visor. I have the neoprene case in blue--so in total you'd be saving about $35.

    If this interests you, let me know via email and I'll write you when I've made up my mind (probably by the end of the first week of January or so). If I don't hear from you, I'll be eBaying it.



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