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    Hey all,

    Just ordered my Touch Pro 2, as much as I complained about my TP, I miss it so much and the TP2 looks amazing! I have up for sale today my Palm Pre and my wife's Diamond.

    Palm Pre: $300

    This phone has been babied! No scuffs, no scratches, all of the original boxes. I am looking for $300 for this phone. This phone comes with the following:

    -Palm Pre phone with original back
    -Palm Pre Box
    -Original contents of box:
    -Orange paper
    -Ear buds
    -Micro USB datacable (has slight dent from being closed in cabinate door but works fine)
    -Touchstone Box and Original contents
    -Matte Back

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    Can you post more pictures?
    And how long have you had this phone for?
    Clean ESN?
    Be more specific! lol
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    Got the original on July 1st. That pre had the sliding shut down issue, got a new replacement on August 19th so this Pre is less than a month old.

    Yes it has a clean ESN

    I'll take more pics today. Anything specific you'd like to see? I would have taken pics of any blemishes, however there are none!

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    After having a Palm Treo 800w with windows mobile and now having the Pre I could never ever go back to Windows Mobile..Good Luck
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    Where do you live?
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    Near Pittsburgh
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    Would you consider selling the Touchstone separately?
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    Palm Pre!
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    No thanks
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