We are happy to release WAGWARE Family BINGO, available at http://www.wagware.com for $6.25 through Christmas!

There are a few PalmOS applications available today that allow playing BINGO using the Palm, but only WAGWARE Family BINGO allows everyone in the family to play together.

WWFB uses the PalmOS to call the BINGO Numbers and a companion PC Application is included to Print the BINGO Cards. This way all members of the family can play.

Before releasing this application, we tested it out ourselves and had a really great time. We did make a few more adjustments (hence, version 1.1) that included the ability to disable the AutoPower-Off while calling numbers and added the sorting of numbers during card validation.

The BINGO cards can be printed in three different sizes anywhere from 1-9 cards per page. This year as you gather for the Holidays, make the moment a little more special by gathering to play WAGWARE Family BINGO!

Happy Holidays from WAGWARE!