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    I'm selling my Visor Prism and all its accessories because I'm returning to Palm. (Can't resist the Motient MobileModem!!) This bundle will cost you over $1300 if you tried to purchase it item by item at current shelf prices. I'm selling the entire bundle for $500 + shipping & insurance. I prefer to do the transaction via PayPal - buyer splits PayPal charges. I will not part out this bundle, so please do not ask me if I can sell this or that separately. All equipment is in excellent working condition. Post a reply or send me a private message to contact me.

    Thank you for your interest!

    • Visor Prism with 12 months of warranty remaining under the Handspring Protection Plan. I just received this Prism from Handspring last month in exchange for my original one which had the paint peeling problems. The screen is in perfect condition with no scratches. I've had a NuShield on it since it arrived the day after Thanksgiving. All original packaging and accessories (USB Hotsync cradle, stylus, springboard cover, black plastic cover, etc) included.

    Other accessories included in this bundle:
    • Two spare NuShields for protecting the Prism's screen.
    • Spare Handspring-issue stylus.

    • Pentopia Chameleon Visor (model #T11FV) combo stylus that fits in Prism's stylus slot. This stylus has a spring loaded "floating" tip, a refillable ballpoint pen, and a metal reset pin. Very handy and works great!

    • Handspring Slim Leather Case for Prism, somewhat used.

    • PDA Skins PDA Plus case, slightly used, in great condition. Wearing this case allows you to use your Prism without holding it in your hand. Wear it via belt loop, belt clip, or shoulder strap. This case has an additional compartment to allow you to carry accessories along with your PDA.

    • PDA Skins internal sleeve for Prism, which lets you mount the Prism inside the PDA Plus case without attaching velcro directly to the Prism itself. Protects its finish, etc.

    • CaseTechWorks SpringSlim case with belt clip, never used. This case attaches to your belt with a swivel clip, and allows you to use almost any Springboard module at the same time with an unique expanding back. Prism attaches to case via velcro.
    • Unused slide-in case for other Visors. I believe this comes with most Visors, does not really fit Prism.
      (All cases are black leather except for slide-in case, not sure.)

    • Handspring 8mb Flash Module, allows you to store applications and data, freeing up internal memory on the Prism.

    • Handspring 8mb Backup Module, allows you to do seamless backups of your Prism's internal memory.

    • PiTech MemPlug CF Springboard (Rev 1). This lets you use Compact Flash cards for memory storage, backup, and sharing with digital cameras, etc. Works with VFS-aware applications as well. This model is the original type which protrudes a few millimeters from the top and back of the Prism, but isn't too bad. This is not the new revised flush type. Comes with full PiDirect license allowing you to run read-only applications/databases directly from the CF card in the MemPlug. The MemPlug's software is stored on the springboard itself, so you can access your data even after a hard reset of your Prism.

    • MatchBook Drive Adapter MD-100 which allows you to use Compact Flash cards with your Prism. No longer sold by MatchBook Products, you can find a review of this product at VisorCentral. This adapter sits completely flush in the Springboard slot, but the FlashAdapter Classic software (full license included) by Kopsis Engineering has to be loaded in your Prism's memory. You will have to reload the software after a hard reset to be able to access your software on the CF card.

    • 128 MB Mr. Flash Compact Flash card, works great in either MemPlug Springboard or MatchBook Drive adapter.

    • Original Eyemodule Springboard digital camera, captures quarter VGA (320x240) images. Software CD and storage bag included.

    • YadaYada branded Novatel Minstrel S wireless Springboard modem. This modem allows you to access the Internet wirelessly for web browsing, email access, or instant messaging, etc. YadaYada is no longer in business, but this modem can be flashed to stock Novatel specs and used with other wireless ISP's. This modem has 2mb of Flash memory for you to store your internet applications on, freeing up your Prism's internal memory. All original packaging, power adapter for recharging internal battery, etc.

    • LandWare GoType! Pro Keyboard for Visors, modified to allow Prism to be used with it. This keyboard is very portable and includes a USB port for HotSync. (Will not recharge Prism) TakeNote/WordSleuth software can be downloaded from LandWare.

    • TechCenterLabs Emergency Charger kit for Prism, won an Award of Excellence from VisorCentral - read their review here. This kit has a 4 AA battery pack that will recharge your Prism or power it on the road. You can also connect the Prism cradle's power supply to the connector on the hotsync port and charge your prism with that as well. I wouldn't go anywhere without this!!
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    Don't Worry It's Human Nature To Point Out The Obvious
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    I've dropped the price of this great bundle by $100. Originally $600, now only $500!

    Email me at if you're interested.
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    try listing it on ebay with a "Buy it Now" of $600.

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