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    This isn't me and I don't need another PDA but you should check this out!
    No more rhymes...and this time I mean it!
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    Put it on my watch list. Thanx for the tip!

    (PS - Sorry for the smackdown applied to the Jackets last weekend; we'll suit 'em up again tonight!)
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    Let's get it on, the BJs fear nobody, they just can't beat anybody either.
    No more rhymes...and this time I mean it!
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    From a fellow North Coaster, thanks for the tip.
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    Sorry, I don't mean to turn this into a hockey thread, but... damn Dave, we kept it close into the third and then it all fell apart!

    I am sure Denis would love to beat his old team and stick it to Roy. I certainly don't blame the loss on him, our defense just fell apart and gave you too many breakaways.

    The BJs are still missing a true scorer, heck until they brought Jody Shelley up last week, they had noone on the team that could fight. He gave Parker a run for his money although I give the edge to Parker.

    Good for me though, I have Skoula and Hejduk in my fantasy league and they both came up big for me.
    No more rhymes...and this time I mean it!

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