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    I am selling charging adaptors for the Pro, Edge and Prism. You
    can check them out by clicking on the link in my signature.

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    Annoyingly, I'm unable to find a cigarette lighter charger for my Pro, at least not on the Handspring site. Is there an off-the-shelf lighter plug that can be used in tandem with your power plug?
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    I got a Prism generic auto lighter power/charger adaptor (can't remember the name, starts with a "B", they make all sorts of cables) a long time ago to use on my dlx, but it didn't work. tried it with my pro and gps and it worked just fine.
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    You can use the PowerPlug and than go to radiop shack and buy a $15 car chargering adaptor with a universal adapter kit - and it will work fine. Well it did for me.

    VisorCentral will have a review of the Battplug tonight, and the Powerplug tommorow.
    -Michael Ducker
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    Where are the reviews? I see the Fact Sheets. I would really love
    to see the reviews this next week so people can order and get
    them before Christmas! What was your overall impression?
    Remember, I stopped trying to seal the seams. Looked bad. The
    new ones are much cleaner looking.


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