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    Had my Clie 710+ stolen last week, . This is all I have left to sell towards a new PDA.

    - Stowaway Clie Keyboard
    - Cradle / Travel Charger
    - Clie Stylus
    - Extra Clie Remote
    - Extra Blue Clie Cover

    They're only been used for about a month, $95 would be nice for them all. I could get a decent low-end PDA for that price. Thanks...send me an email if you're interested to help a guy out...
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    Ouch, that hurts man, I remember when back in the day my rolodex was stolen from me, i went rip sh#$. Bump for a man in need of a PDA.
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    I have a Visor Platinum (about 6 months old, I used a screen protector so the screen is scratch free) with a 16mb module laying around since I've gotten my Clie.

    Wana trade?
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    Hey, go for that trade... that's a great deal, i have a visor platinum right now and it's great! i guess it's the best deal you can do right now?

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