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    I have the following Great Handspring modules and accessories in perfect conditions for sale.

    Visor Stowaway Keyboard for $68 almost never used in perfect conditions with manual, CD and original box.

    Eyemodule2 SOLD in perfect conditions with manuals, CD and original box
    Thinmodem SOLD brand new, I used it for a couple of weeks only
    Total Recall Voice Recorder SOLD in good condition, hardly used with CD.
    Game Face for the Prism SOLD
    8 USPS screen protector SOLD
    Visor Rainbow Stylus SOLD

    If you are interested in any or all of them let me know soon because I will be selling them to the first person that give me a good offer. I'm also open to price suggestions

    If you live in NYC we can meet somewhere in the city. Otherwise, I could mail your order to you on the same day we make the transactions. I accept payments through paypal (through or money orders.

    Feel Free to contact me if you have any questions

    Alberto Cajigas Jr.
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    Hi, everybody

    I have lowered the prices on all modules and keyboard. If you are interested in the reason I'm selling them, it is because I haven't get paid on my second job that pays most of my bills and now I need some extra cash to buy holiday gifts and other Christmas related issues.

    As you've seen the GameFace is sold, but there are other great modules available, let me know if you are interested.

    Have a nice day!

    Alberto Cajigas Jr.
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    ygm. and i forgot to mention i'm in canada, can do paypal, and will pay exact shipping cost.

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    Hi everyone.

    The thinmodem 56k was sold yesterday to a good friend of mine. But there are still other great modules and the Stowaway keyboard. I'm also wanted to say that I'm Paypal verified.

    Alberto Cajigas Jr.
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    This week has been a great one. All modules are sold and the only thing that is left is the Visor Stowaway Keyboard for $68. Anybody interested?

    Alberto Cajigas Jr.

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