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    Hi all,

    When I got my Pre, my husband adopted my Centro. It was his first smartphone and he was pretty happy. Today he pulled a rookie move and put it in his pocket screen outward. Sure enough, he was moving a bunch and stuff, and his Centro screen was the victim.

    Does anyone have their old Centro lying around in need of a new owner? My husband is not due for an upgrade until December. THEN he gets a Pre!!!

    Please PM me if you are interested in selling your Centro.


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    ... if either you or he, or a friend, is handy with such things... is to replace the screen. I had the same cracked screen problem with my Verizon Centro, and am so glad I invested in the screen (and optional pry tool and hex wrenches) to take the phone apart. They have internet videos to step you through the process.

    Go to...

    Palm Centro Complete Replacement Screen - Includes LCD and Digitizer: DirectFix: iPhone Service, iPhone Repair, Broken iPhone, iPhone Parts & iPhone LCD

    ... for details.
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