PDACookbook™ Version 2 Software Released with New Features

November 27, 2001 (WakefieldSoft) - Imagine shopping in the grocery store for the week's menu, but forgetting the ingredients to your favorite casserole. Wouldn't it be nice to carry those favorite family recipes with you anywhere? Now you can. WakefieldSoft has just released version 2 of the popular PDACookbook™ software application for the Palm OS®. PDACookbook™ is a recipe and cookbook application for Palm OS® handhelds. The PDACookbook Plus™ version includes a PC companion interface, while PDACookbook Lite™ is for the Palm OS® only. Anyone who enjoys cooking can easily carry their recipes with them anywhere.

PDACookbook™ version 2 includes many new features. The most requested feature, a shopping list system, is now included in PDACookbook™. Create a shopping list from your Palm OS® device or PC, and carry it with you to the store. The shopping list can also be exported to HandyShopper, a popular shopping list manager. Also new in version 2 are customizable quantity, unit, and ingredient lists. Other features include the ability to hold thousands of recipes, and the ability to import recipes from Meal-Master™ or MasterCook™ files. The ingredients for a recipe can be automatically scaled by changing the number of servings. Also, a powerful search feature and recipe categories are available.

PDACookbook™ has received several awards including: the "5 of 5 Cows" rating at Tucows, the "Palmtop-Pro Award" from Palmtop-Pro magazine, and the "CASL Developer Spotlight Award" from CASLsoft. For more information on PDACookbook™, including a complete features list and purchasing information, visit: http://www.pdacookbook.com.

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