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    Diamond Mako is in excellent condition. Screen is perfect without scratches. No battery problems. This has been very well cared for. Comes complete with original box, manual, software etc.
    $90.00 e-mail me
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    Hmm, the Diamond Mako is pretty nice, but for $90 that's not too good a price. I don't know if you'll sell it at that high a price, but good luck...

    I bought one a few months ago and returned it, no real use for it...
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    I'm also willing to trade the Diamond Mako for a Stowaway Keyboard (Visor version) or a Modem module for a Visor or a ??

    make me an offer
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    Oops, nevermind.
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    Argh, cant believe i missed out on this Wanted to play around with a Mako....
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    I would've gladly traded a Stowaway with a combo carrying case. Doh!
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