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    ok ...taking a deep breath .. i pretty much had everything for this phone ...

    What u get ...

    To start u get Box and EVERYTHING that was shipped with the phone in all UNOPENED PACKAGES,,,,not one of the accessories are opened .. the phone was taken out of the box and that was it ...

    $ OEM additional HTC pouch that comes with phone.. so u get a total of 2 now
    $ OEM styli ... SO now u have a total of three.. 1 in unopened box, 1 in picture and one that is already in the phone
    $ extra battery, now u have a total of two batteries
    $ Not in picture but another 1GB micro SD sandisk card... total of 2 1gb cards
    $ Extra battery cover.. one that is on phone has been dyed black with a hue of red and u get a brand new grey one that has never been touched .. OEM from box.. total 2 battery covers
    $ Car charger with LCD display ... showing u status of battery charge
    $ T-mobile OEM hip style holster pouch, i used this to carry the phone when it had the SPRINT leather clip on case
    $ OEM sprint clip on case.. two piece with a clip on the back.. u can remove the clip and remove stub that sticks out for a flat back .. and the phone with case on will fit in the t-mobile holster.. great grippy feel sprint case
    $ Next we hit Seidio land... we have two holsters... one for unskinned phone and one that works with the seido innocase
    $ u also receive the seidio black innocase which is pictured between the two holsters
    $ Leather hip style pouch with clip.. for unskinned phone
    $ next to that is the OEM HTC pouch that was mentioned above and another set of owner manuals and cd ... total 2 copies of manuals and cds

    As u can see from the PICS .. the phone is in great condition with a screen protector on the phone.. the only defect is the chip in one of the cornors that u can see ... other then that . chrome is shiny shiny !! shoudnt be a big deal with all these cases that u are getting..haha

    Under the hood... the phone is loaded with a mighty MIKe ROM ... a well respected chef over at ppcgeeks ... it has WM 6.1 on it and runs as smooth as can be ... no bloated Sprint apps on it ...
    If u want i can reflash the phone back to sprint default ROM so it is as u just took out of the box ... just let me know !!!

    I think i covered it all ... if any other questions ... please let me know ...

    Open to offers...

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