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    I've got an extra graphite deluxe sitting around.

    Great condition, no scratches on screen. Back of case isn't perfectly flat, but if you use it in a binder of some sort, you'd never know.

    I'd like to trade it for a keyboard (GoType or Stowaway) and a good springboard module (not Tiger's golf game). I'll consider most modules.

    Any takers?
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    what do you mean not perfectly flat in the back?
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    If you put a module in (or the dummy cover) and lay it flat on a table, the unit does not lay flat. The case is slightly bowed out right at the bottom of the opening for the springboard. It bows out maybe 1mm, but it's enough that the unit does not lay flat on a table.

    Actually, both of mine are the same way. I'll try to post a pic in a couple of hours (camera's in the car).

    No impact to usability. Works perfect. Screen is in very good condition - couple minor scratches in the graffiti area, but only visible if you're looking for them.
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    Here's a pic:
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    How about the VDx for one of the above mentioned keyboards?

    Other than not sitting level on a desk, this thing is perfect. Put the cover on the back, and you'll never know!

    I'll include one USB cradle with it.
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    How about a Stowaway in great condition (with box etc.) along with a combo carrying case?
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    Thanks for the offer, but I shipped the VDx off on Friday.

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